Saturday, August 2, 2008

Georgie Fame - Rhythm And Blues At The Flamingo (1964)

Am I the only one who thinks Georgie Fame is totally badass? I looked around in New York City for his records after hearing a great version of Sitting In The Park but got strange looks whenever I inquired about him. As if I were asking for Cliff Richard or something! Has no label looked into reissuing his stuff? His tunes are tough, and his voice is smooth, as is his organ playing. This LP recorded in London in 1964 captures his straight up mod dance vibe. Plenty of extra tracks on here too.

Track listing:
1.Night Train
2.Let The Good Times Roll
3.Do The Dog
4.Eso Beso
5.Work Song
6.Parchman Farm
7.You Can't Sit Down
8.Humpty Dumpty
9.Shop Around
10. Baby Please Don't Go
11. Baby Baby (Don't You Worry)
12. Prince Of Fools
13. J.A. Blues
14. Orange Street
15. Stop Right Here
16. Rick's Tune
17. Parker's Mood
18. Money (That's What I Want) Live
19. Money (That's What I Want) Studio
20. Do-Re-Mi
21. Bend A Little
22. I'm In Love With You

I have heard rumours of Mr. Fame having recorded stuff in Jamaica. There is almost certainly a West Indian audience -to my knowledge the Flamingo club in London was a hangout for yardies) and even perhaps a Jamaican musician or two on this album (or is that Georgie's fake Jamaican accent hyping the crowd before going into a straight bluebeat Humpty Dumpty?) but I would be thrilled to find stuff actually recorded in JA studios. Especially some organ instrumentals! Anyone with info on this JA stint please contact me.

Enjoy, link in comments!


Lord Byron said...

Anonymous said...

he is a bad ass!!!11!

Alex Dziggel said...

Gah, good timing! I've been so sick of my music lately and needing to hear something different, so I'll be downloading basically anything and everything you post in here if you claim it's all good. haha :p

Thanks Mihranran.

Simon said...

bookmarked. although I'll probably have to bookmark it again once I get to Uni.

Psyched about the radio show.

Chris said...

Georgie Fame, the cat was where it's at

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!

wilthomer said...

You are not alone, his stuff makes a frequent appearance here @ my blog "Anorak Thing". He is one of the most underated U.K. 60's artists and the undisputed king of cool, in my book anyway!

Lou said...

Hey Straight, I know this is 2 or more years old now, but have you tried googling for Georgie
last time I tried, I got a rake of stuff come up, including some oldie albums on ebay etc
he has apparently laid down some tracks recently but has yet to release them...
and straight, if u like GF then also try Mose Alison
good luck

Anonymous said...

I knew Yeh Yeh for years and only recently started to do some digging around and man! what gems i have uncovered.. thank for posting this.

Charlie Parker said...

Bought this the day it was released, still one of my favourite records. Smokey, shimmering live R&B from one of the 60's great bands, only slightly marred by poor recording of the bass guitar. Lovely big fat sound, listen to Georgie finish off with Baby Please Don't Go. Great Stuff