Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Stairs - Mexican R&B (1992)

1. Intro
2. Mary Joanna
3. Mr. Window Pane
4. Out In The Country
5. Laughter In Their Eyes
6. Sweet Thing
7. Russian R&B (The World Shall Not Be Saved)
8. Right in the Back of Your Mind
9. Flying Machine
10. Mexican R&B
11. Take No Notice of the World Outside
12. Mundane Mundae
13. When It All Goes Wrong
14. Wrap Me Round Your Finger
15. Weed Bus
16. Woman Gone and Say Goodbye
17. Sometimes The World Escapes Me
18. Fall Down The Rain
19. Outro

These four young men from Liverpool, England formed the Stairs in the early 90s and made one of the greatest and most authentic 60s-revival albums to date. The single Weed Bus is a highly sought-after collector's piece, and the album that followed, Mexican R&B, is just as difficult to find. The Stairs use a classic fusion of mod/freakbeak/R&B sounds with psychedelic rock (several of these numbers degenerate into fuzzy mind trips) with top-notch songwriting and singing courtesy of frontman Edgar Summertyme (now Edgar "Jones" Jones of the fabulous Joneses), who often sounds like an over-enthusiastic Mick Jagger... My top tunes on here: Weed Bus, Right In The Back Of Your Mind, Mr Window Pane, Woman Gone and Say Goodbye.

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