Monday, August 11, 2008

Les Fleurs De Pavot - Les Fleurs De Pavot (1968)

The French twist band Les Bourgeois De Calais split shortly after recording their final disc for DMF in 1966, an EP featuring one original, "Les Filles Dans Le Vent", plus versions of Jimmy McGriff's "Talkin' Bout My Girl", The Beatles' "Michelle" and Jerry Lee Lewis' "High Heel Sneakers". A few months later, in 1967, Jean-Pierre Castelain (guitar, vocals), Claude Lachèvre (rhythm guitar), Patrick Legros (bass), Jacques Gressier (organ, vocals) and Joël Parmentier (drums) pick up their axes to form Les Fleurs De Pavot (The Poppy Flowers), the first French psychedelic band. Initially managed by a cheese monger, they recorded a single album for Mercury records at the CBE studio. Under the direction and production of Jean-Pierre Rawson, the members completely re-invent their image as stoned hippies, exploiting the flower-power trend that was the order of the day. Sponsored by Marlboro, they played one major gig, at the Grenoble Winter Olympics of 1968 alongside Johnny Hallyday (who had also jumped on the psychedelic bandwagon).

Anyway, the album in question is quite terrific.
Top tracks: À Degager, a sure-nuff mod dancefloor filler, a hymn to straightening out all the squares in one's neighbourhood by spiking their coffee or their tin of tobacco with LSD. Hippies Nous Voila, another funky soulful psych jam. Pourquoi L'Amour À Deux, Le Marchand D'Amitié (a flute-laden bossa about spreading friendliness across the world...), Psycha Bourrée.

Track Listing:
1. Super Girl
2. La Caresse Du Fleuve
3. Psycha Bourrée
4. Le Marchand D'Amitié
5. La Force Fait L'Union
6. À Degager
7. Dites-Le Avec Des Fleurs De Pavot
8. Pourquoi L'Amour À Deux
9. Les Petits Cochons L'Ont Mangé
10. Hippies Nous Voila
11. La Puissance Des Ténèbres
12. Le Rateau De La Méduse

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Lord Byron said...

Chris said...

classic stuff haha thanks for this post

rickdog said...

Do you know who this french twist band is?

Nathalie said...

I'm very happy and surprised that some people still know this band. I own this LP since I was a very little girl and it's fantastic. The music and the lyrics are just great.
Thanks for sharing a link to download the album in mp3